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Outdoor Wedding


No detail has been missed, and you both have planned for quite some time. Your big day is upon you, and yet, could something else really make your special day shine? Sure can. Our amazing and entertaining Gaming airstream puts your guests in a festive mood and caters to their needs throughout the night. Don’t worry about not having anything for your guests to do at your event. Our Gaming Airstream brings fun and excitement to your big day. Your special day means everything to you, as it does to us. Let our team here offer an experience unlike any other, and keep your guests talking for years to come.


Whether you closed the big deal, or your team needs a great teambuilding event, Long Island Airstream Gaming Experience is here to serve. Nothing builds team spirit like some friendly Gaming competition with your coworkers, partners, or clients.  Need some "adult beverages" to go along with your fun?  Our Gaming Airstream comes with Beer, Cider and Wine on tap!  This is the way to celebrate, and bring something unique to your team and office. Don’t settle for anything else; only the Long Island Airstream Experience will do!

Drinking Wine
Friends Party


Who wouldn't want a birthday party with the most epic Gaming trailer of all time? Am I right? Well, now you can, stop worrying about a last-minute gift idea and planning; you don't even need to lift a finger here!! We bring our airstream directly to your front door and knock their socks off with an Airstream Gaming party they will remember forever. When was the last time you told anyone, "I bought you something that doesn't exist in the world"? That's right, NEVER. Our 34-foot Airstream Gaming Experience will bring all the favorite video games right to your door! Plus, there is cold beer, wine and cider right on tap, along with unlimited sodas for the kids! WOW! You want to leave the best memory that special someone will always talk about? Then bring them the Long Island Airstream Gaming Experience!


Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties, Day of Wedding Parties, Golf Outings, Anniversaries, Retirements, Graduations, and more! There is nothing our team here at Long Island Airstream Gaming Experience cannot handle. These once-in-a-lifetime moments are so incredibly special to your friends and family; there is no better way to celebrate with amazing entertainment (and a cold beer, of course)! Memories are the most important thing we have; when you the most special occasion on hand, only one thing will do: Our Mobile Airstream Gaming lounge! Don’t let these special moments go without a special experience: Our team knows how to bring out the best in your day, with the only experience in America! The Long Island Airstream Gaming Experience.

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